What People Say About Us?

From last 5 years I was suffering from leg pain and as the days passed back pain also started. When I told to my parents, they said that this is because of weakness and not having proper food. So I was avoiding the pain and then pain increased to such an extent that it was unbearable. Problems I faced - I was not able to stand straight and the pain increases on standing for few minutes and on walking short distances While walking I need to keep my legs apart and also keep my knees bent Everyone used to advice me to walk straight, some were teasing because I was not able to walk normally. But the way they were saying was quite hurting and because of the pain I was slightly depressed. By bearing all this pain 5 years passed. As now I am in college, each class is of one hour. Because of the pain I was not able to sit for even an hour and I was not able to concentrate on my studies. I was having constipation and while passing the motion I was having pain at the perianal region and there was quite numbness. Because of this pain, I was mentally stressed out. I thought I would never get rid from this pain. I was scared of lot of things like- My parents were forcing me to come and consult a doctor but I was scared to talk to the doctor. I thought whether the doctor will be good or not. I had heard from people that sometimes the surgery will not be successful and also I heard that a person had been operated 3 times and even then the person had a severe pain after being operated. I had a fear of the treatment and whether I will be relieved from the pain or not. I was scared of what will the doctor say about problem, whether it will be a serious issue. My parents took me to a local Orthopaedic doctor. He told to do MRI, then the reports came that it has to be operated. This orthopaedic doctor wanted to do my operation in gulbarga. But me and my parents were confused about this, because the doctor was not saying openly regarding the condition. What is the actual problem? details of procedure and the complications? Then we thought of Dr Ajay who had operated on my uncle and that operation was successful and my uncle had become normal who was suffering from severe back pain and leg pain. On October 23rd we consulted Dr Ajay. He told that it has to be operated and he explained me what was the actual defect in my body. He told me that it was by birth and he briefly explained the details of the procedure and the complications. He counselled me very well so that I should not fear surgery. On Nov 2 my surgery was done. By God’s grace it was successfully done. Now i am able to walk straight. As from last 6 years I was walking with bent knees. So it had become my habit. But Dr Ajay has assured me that slowly I will walk with my knees straight. I can sit and stand for a long time without any previous pain. Lastly, I am writing this from my personal experience. God has sent Dr Ajay as an angel in my life, he has turned my life completely. Because of him, i am completely fine. I have not seen the world completely but till now who all had come in my life were different as compared to him. Actually i am blessed, because I had never seen such a doctor who is so dedicated to his work. He is so kind, humble, trustworthy, sincere, punctual and there are less words to describe him. He is so expert in everything and he has an art of winning the trust of patient and he counsels them in such a manner that he/she should not have any fear about surgery or treatment. Dr Ajay also makes sure that the patient is comfortable with him and brings every details explanation. He works more than 8-10 hours a day and he personally visits the patient. He came on sunday to see me even though it was his day-off. I know it was his duty but he also helped us financially and he has made me well. Even the “thank you” word will be small enough to say. But also I and my family thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I can forget anything in my life but as the best doctor I cannot forget you Dr Ajay. May God bless you and wherever you go and fulfil all your dreams, intention and protect you always. Thank you Dr Ajay Herur.
Indeed, it’s a pleasure to recommend Dr. Ajay Herur after personal experience as a patient under his care. His dedication to the chosen profession is outstanding. I don’t have competence or qualification to evaluate Dr. Ajay, I am writing this from the patient’s perspective. Dr. Ajay has all the qualities which patient expects from their physician. In short, I can describe him as a kind, honest, sincere, trustworthy, punctual, workaholic & an exceptional human. Doctor has no ego to mix with common people, doesn’t differentiate between rich & poor; treats all the patients equally. Dr. Ajay ensures patient is comfortable enough to speak out and listens to their concerns attentively. With immense patience answers to all queries/doubts, patients may have relating to treatment procedures. Also takes a great effort to convince the patient how the treatment plan helps in speedy recovery. Dr. Ajay understands the mental stress patient is going through & tries his best to boost the morale (self-confidence) with detail explanation on each & every aspect of treatment and firm assurance of recovery within the set time frame. In-fact; I believe doctor has mastered the art of winning confidence (trust) of patient through counselling which is very important in this profession. Even after, long tiring day Doctor ensures to visit patient to monitor progress personally. I can definitely say Dr. Ajay is a workaholic, as I saw him on many occasions in the hospital premises on week-ends and public holidays visiting the patients. During my entire hospitalization period I never saw him losing his temper/patience in spite of spending straight 8-10 hours in Operation Theatre. Upon observing number of surgeries performed on daily basis, I can confidently say Dr. Ajay is an expert Neuro Surgeon, who can handle any complicated case with ease. Regardless of busy schedule Dr. Ajay responds to the phone calls (even at odd hours) /e-mails of patients promptly. Even my close relatives who came in contact with him were also impressed/amazed by his professionalism and dedication. Appreciate doctor’s efforts in my speedy recovery. I consider it is a privilege and don’t’ have any hesitation in recommending Dr. Ajay to any institutions/patients. I firmly believe Dr. Ajay deserves better opportunity to exploit his surgical skills & recognition too for patient care. I wish all the best for Dr. Ajay’s future endeavours.
I work as a teacher. From past 5 months I had severe pain in my right leg, starting from the thigh right upto my ankle, where I wasn't able to stand, sit, walk, bend, lie down etc. I couldn't stand in the kitchen for more than 10 mins, couldn't even walk for half a kilometre, couldn't sit for 10mins on chair, cot. I wasn't able to take tuitions by sitting on the floor as I used to earlier. I was a very independent lady, but now my husband and daughter used to do all the work for me. This made me very upset. Through a colleague of my sister, I went and visited Dr Ajay Herur, Neurosurgeon and took his opinion. He is my mentor and my counsellor. He advised me to believe in myself and instead of fearing the possibilities, to be courageous. I underwent surgery for the lumbar spine. I am now hale and healthy and moving about doing work myself. First thanks to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and then my heartfelt sincere thanks to Dr Ajay Herur and his team.
Neural Integrity has helped me alot in consulting Dr. Karuna Kabadi and I believe this is the next big thing in Healthcare Technology.
I've had migraines, right from childhood. I started by saying "headache," went on to learn the more fancy word "migraine" and used it to much effect, unaware of what the problem was. It grew and grew as I grew older and by my 30s, the regular "headache" pills didn't work. I did everything possible, yoga, naturopathy, ayurveda, acupuncture. The only suggestion I didn't try out was pouring oil into my ear. Phew. Neurologists gave me pills and I took them endlessly. Around 2008-9 I started feeling a new thing. My balance, which had been great all my life -- I was a theatre person and could run on the lighting catwalks above the stage -- was becoming a big issue. I was always scared I would fall down stairs. The quality of my headaches also changed. I would get sudden pain, feel dizzy and sometimes couldn't feel my legs, though I was able to move them. These episodes lasted just under a minute or max a couple of minutes. Very infrequently. I ignored them. Then my speech started slurring -- very mild, barely discernable-- but I knew I was putting more effort to say the same words that I would utter with complete clarity earlier. I also started missing words or saying the wrong word, all of which was very shocking for me, as I am theatre trained. I mentioned some of this to neurologist Dr Suresh Kodapala, who was recommended to me by my diabetologist Dr Satish Babu. He suggested an MRI, which I initially resisted but finally did. The experience inside a cylinder for over an hour -- which I've since had to repeat several times -- was awful, but necessary. For we found that I had a benign tumour in the brain -- what Dr Ajay Herur would disparagingly refer to as a "meningioma." I didn't google, being tech-challenged, but all my relatives did and everyone was in a state of panic. Dr Herur's boss at that point in time, Dr K N Krishna, said I had to have it operated immediately. Dr Herur was furious that I was making fun of the problem (I was trying to reassure my family, but yes, stupidity) and explained it in detail to my family and me, including all the possible side effects of the operation. They stood 14 hours -- the team of Dr Krishna, Dr Ajay, Dr Girish Joshi and Dr Karuna Kabadi -- along with nurse Jesse and aesthetician Dr Sudhir. And they and took out that huge tumour, in impossibly small pieces, like taking out something from a spider's cobweb, as all kinds of nerves and veins were in that region. In one week, I was out of the hospital. Since then, I've had three MRIs done and the tumour has not resurfaced. My speech is still a bit slurred, my balance still a bit iffy, but like Dr Herur said, what has gone cannot come back. But it has not got worse, as the problem has been solved! Headaches -- I have -- like any normal human being. But no migraine or tumour, thanks to the diagnosis and the skilled effort of a team that gave me my brain and my life back.
Online Consultation is very convenient. I didn't have to go out, wait in a OPD queue.