(Neural Integrity Surgical Skill Lab)

Neural Integrity Surgical Skill Lab conducts paid Cadaveric Hands-on workshop for Neurosurgical procedures- Endoscopic, Brain and Spine.

INCOVE - International Course in Ventriculoscopy:

This is a 1:1 hands-on training course in Ventriculoscopy for neurosurgeons interested in pursuing Neuroendoscopy from across the country and world. This is one of its kind, 1st and only centre in Asia, with training on specially preserved life-like cadavers with CSF circulation, for training in Ventriculoscopy procedures. The course is limited to few delegates to facilitate 1:1 training.

Selection of candidates for INCOVE is based on the following criteria:

  • Current position
  • Areas of interest
  • Surgical Experience

Note: Workshops schedules are currently on hold due to present COVID-19 pandemic.

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