Inspired Vision

  • Born in an extremely poor family (economically), but rich in values, passion, determination, selfless hardwork - qualities which helped him to tide the ups and downs and successfully complete his graduation, post graduation and a degree in Law.
  • He was one among the thousands who fought for the freedom of the country. He later fought for the liberation of Hyderabad Karnataka from the Nizam's rule
  • This visionary took the initiative to start Free legal aid and advice to the poor and the needy, way back in 1954, which was later implemented by the Governments - State and central
  • He fought for the rights of landless farm labours and small farmers who were exploited by zamindars
  • Inspite of all the economic hurdles, he educated all his children very diligently imparting in them the values and principles one should follow in life.
  • In this journey of life for 90 years, his wife has been an untiring force, a pillar of strength to him in their 63 year journey together. Without her support he would not have achieved, what he achieved.

In our effort to walk along these guiding principles and values and reach out to many lives and guide them in their illness, we put forward this initiative, Neural Integrity. We are making use of technology to the fullest, to provide healthcare in order to prevent ailments and restore functionality of an individual.

We want to create more awareness about Brain and Spine conditions so that people can lead an inspiring life for the generations to follow.