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About Us

We created this website to minimise the effort, time and money spent in availing appropriate medical consultation and treatment. As we live in an era of specialisation, patients very commonly get referred to various consultants and undergo many investigations before they finally meet the right doctor and get treated. This results in loss of workdays and frustration due to waiting in OPD for hours for a consultation that lasts 10-15mins. Not to forget, how difficult it is for elderly and those living alone to undergo tests and run around hospitals. Most importantly valuable time is lost which might sometimes cause irreversible damage especially to brain, spinal cord and nerves.

What People Say About Us?

Inspired Vision

A brief biography of a legend who has been and will be an inspiration in making life a meaningful saga. He has worked relentlessly and selflessly, defying all odds for the betterment of society through provision of equal opportunities to all sections of society.

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